Wood Duck

Aix sponsa

Wood Duck

Aix sponsa
Least Concern
Aix sponsa

Characteristics and Behavior:

The Wood duck is one of the most colorful North American ducks, with a distinctive green and purple head and neck, white stripes on the face, a chestnut breast, and a metallic blue back. Male Wood ducks have a bold, iridescent plumage that makes them stand out, while females are more subdued with a grayish-brown head and white eye-ring. Wood ducks are known for their perching abilities, often perching on tree branches and nest boxes, rather than just swimming and wading like most other ducks. The species has a distinctive whistle-like call that sounds like "jeeee", which is often heard before the bird is seen.



Fun Facts:

  1. Wood ducks are also known as "Carolina ducks" because of their association with the Carolina region of North America.
  2. The Wood duck is the only North American duck to have sharp claws that allow it to grip branches and perch on trees.
  3. Wood ducks are sometimes called the "Acorn duck" because acorns are a favorite food source in their diet during the fall.

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