Saltmarsh snake

Nerodia clarkii

Saltmarsh snake

Nerodia clarkii
Near Threatened
Nerodia clarkii

Characteristics and Behavior:

The saltmarsh snake is a non-venomous, slender snake species with a variety of colorations, from dark brown to rusty orange across the back with a yellow or light-colored belly. It exhibits a highly varied pattern with alternating dark and light bands or speckles along its back. These snakes are semi-aquatic and often seen near wetland habitats where they can easily stalk small fishes and crabs from a safe vantage point before striking.



Fun Facts:

  1. Water-Adapted Anatomy: Saltmarsh Snakes have a slightly flattened body and a specialized gland that helps them excrete excess salt, allowing them to thrive in brackish and saltwater environments.
  2. Territorial Behavior: These snakes can be territorial and often defend their home ranges from other individuals. Their home range sizes vary depending on food availability and habitat quality.
  3. Elusive and Cryptic: Saltmarsh Snakes are highly elusive and often challenging to spot due to their cryptic coloration and preference for marshy, dense vegetation. They are mostly active at night.

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