Atlantic Spotted Dolphin

Stenella frontalis

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin

Stenella frontalis
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Stenella frontalis

Characteristics and Behavior:

Atlantic Spotted Dolphins are medium-sized cetaceans with a sleek, streamlined body and a distinct pattern of spots. They have a light gray coloration on their sides and a creamy-white belly. The spots, which can vary in number and arrangement, are usually found on the flanks and belly of the dolphins. They are known for their playful behavior, often riding the bow waves created by boats and leaping out of the water.



Fun Facts:

  1. No Two Dolphins Alike: Each Atlantic Spotted Dolphin's spot pattern is unique, making it possible to identify and track individual dolphins based on their markings.
  2. Social Swimmers: These dolphins are highly social animals and often travel in groups called pods. They are known for their acrobatic displays and enthusiastic interactions with humans and boats.
  3. Vocal Communicators: Atlantic Spotted Dolphins are known for their extensive vocalizations, including whistles and clicks, which they use to communicate and locate prey. They are part of a complex underwater soundscape.

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