Atlantic spadefish

Chaetodipterus faber

Atlantic spadefish

Chaetodipterus faber
Least Concern
Chaetodipterus faber

Characteristics and Behavior:

The Atlantic spadefish is a striking, laterally compressed, and disc-shaped fish with a deep, rounded body. It features a distinctive black-and-white pattern, with alternating vertical bars along its body and a black spot at the base of the tail. Atlantic spadefish are known for their schooling behavior, often seen in groups of various sizes across habitat types and depths.



Fun Facts:

  1. Omnivorous Feeders: Atlantic Spadefish are opportunistic feeders, consuming a varied diet that includes small fish, invertebrates, and algae. They often nibble on the tentacles of jellyfish and are known to follow divers to feed on the small organisms stirred up by their activities.
  2. Clever Camouflage: The striking coloration of Atlantic Spadefish serves as a form of disruptive camouflage, making it challenging for predators to single out an individual from the swirling school.
  3. Sportfishing Attraction: Atlantic Spadefish are highly sought after by anglers in Florida and the surrounding regions for their challenging fights and delicious taste, making them a popular sportfishing species.

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