American Green Tree Frog

Dryophytes cinereus

American Green Tree Frog

Dryophytes cinereus
Dryophytes cinereus

Characteristics and Behavior:

American green tree frogs are small amphibians with a bright green coloration, though their shade can vary. They have smooth skin and large, adhesive toe pads for climbing. Their eyes are large and gold-rimmed, with horizontal pupils, and they have a distinctive white or cream-colored stripe along their upper lips. These frogs are primarily arboreal and are often found perched on vegetation, especially near water sources.



Fun Facts:

  1. Nocturnal Chorus: Male American green tree frogs are known for their loud, distinctive calls, which sound like "quonk-quonk." These choruses are most often heard on warm, rainy nights.
  2. Camouflage Experts: Their bright green color helps them blend in with their leafy surroundings, making them difficult to spot when they're at rest.
  3. Insect Eaters: These tree frogs primarily feed on insects, making them valuable for pest control in their habitats.

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